Equipment Hire

Axis provides Sound Engineering for bands and solo acts for small to medium sized venues. 

Equipment can be either dry hired or delivered, set up and operated for you by one of our experienced sound engineers.


PA, stage monitors, amps, mics, drums, stage lighting and disco lighting featured on this website are all available for hire by bands, solo artists, venues and DJs. 

Our equipment

Axis makes use of a db Technologies DVA mini line array system for providing professional front of house sound. 


This is the same professional technology that is used to provide front of house sound in large theatres , stadiums and arenas that has been condensed in weight and size for use by soloists and bands to get the same superior sound quality in smaller to medium sized venues ranging from pubs, clubs, village halls, conference halls, small theatres and mini outdoor festivals.

This rig is an extremely compact, lightweight, versatile system that can be built up or condensed to provide anywhere from 400watts - 4400watts in power!!  

World's number one Elvis Tribute - Gordon Hendricks unplugged

powered by Axis Studios.

The same technology (db Technology ) is used for our active stage monitors to provide excellent fold-back for crystal clear on-stage sound.


We don't compromise on microphones either. All are of the highest professional quality:


Sure SM 58 vocal mics

Sure SM 57 instrument mics

AKG drum microphones (kick drum, snare, toms, overhead) 

All mixed through our Alesis 16 channel mixing desk.

A Stage box snake can be used to set up the sound desk away from the stage. 

Approximate Costs

Costs vary depending on the venue size and whether or not you require a sound engineer. Please contact us for a quote.

As a general rule of thumb costs are approximately 10% of the PA wattage required for the venue. So for example:

400watt PA system - £40  (suitable for vocal soloist in a small pub)

800watt PA system - £80 (suitable for multi vocals / band in pub)

1500watt PA system - £150 (full band in a large pub / club)

2000watt PA system - £200 (full band in a large hall / marquee)

4000watt PA system - £400  (Full band at a theatre or mini outdoor festival)